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    We offer Gift Certificates in any amount!


    Looking for that special gift they will never forget? Try a Group Effort Studios Gift Certificate!

    It's a gift they will never forget: a session at a world-class studio with a professional engineer. This is an amazing gift for the young singer or instrumentalist and doesn't have to be expensive, starting at only $50.

    Basically it works like this: we pre-sell you an hour or more of studio time and print out (or send to you as a pdf file) a custom gift certificate to give them as their gift. We can give you any amount you desire but check out these options:

    • 1 hour/$50—Good for recording a single song with a couple of takes and some editing/pitch correction
    • 1.5 hours/$75.00—probably enough time to do two songs assuming you know them fairly well
    • 2 hours/$100—a good singer can do several songs in this amount of time or we can really dig in to a single song or two.

    Private Recording Lessons

    We also offer private recording lessons and you can buy a certificate to have us: 

    • Evaluate mixes you've done at your own studio on your computer
    • Have us look over some work you've done on your machine and show you how we might approach it
    • Record some tracks onto your machine using our world-class microphone collection

    To order, send us an email (link is at the right) or give us a call: 859.331.8273