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    Private Recording Lessons


    Get the Most Out of Your Home Setup

    Here at Group Effort we really support musicians recording at home; it's actually how we started out back in the late 1970s when affordable multi-track open reel formats began to appear on the market. At last you could have an 8-track machine that worked pretty much the same way as the really expensive larger machines, but at about a tenth of the cost.

    That same thing is happening again today with the advent of affordable but quite capable music software and audio hardware, designed for powerful computers. But as with anything, with power and flexibility comes complexity and because many new systems have to be developed to put a whole 'studio' in your laptop, the whole thing can be rather confusing at times.

    Well if you learned to play an instrument, you probably took some lessons at some point, why not do the same thing with recording? By taking some private lessons with us you can work at your own pace, on your own machine (assuming it's portable) and gain some insight on how to get the best possible results out of your rig.

    You could:

    Listen to your 'almost ready' mixes played back in our acoustically correct control room through our high-end studio monitors.

    Learn how to most efficiently use your computer's resources so as to not run out of processing power before your mix is done.

    Learn about and how to use world-class microphones and realize what a fantastic thing a good mic is!

    Work out a procedure so that you can work at home and seamlessly add your overdub files to a project you started here, even if it's on another music program on a different computer platform.

    Learn how to best utilize plug-in software including the often misunderstood compressor and limiter plug-ins.

    Have us work with you on your mixdown offering advice on sound design for each individual instrument and how to achieve that sound.

    Whats It Going to Cost?

    All of this knowledge can be yours for the cost of an hour of studio time ($50) and you can learn at your own pace, when you feel like you need some advice or a 2nd opinion on sound and techniques.

    Contact us today to start getting really good results out of your rig!