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    Dan Murphy-the Early Years

    Dan Murphy

    As you can see in my photo, music keeps you young! I remember being a child growing up in Ludlow, Kentucky and listening to my red and yellow 78 kid records over and over. I moved up to those stackable 45's with the big hole and began tossing questions to my mom like "How did they get that echo sound on the record?" My mom, not knowing a thing about recording, thought it over and told me that it was recorded in an echo chamber. Little did she know that she was probably right!

    From that point on I was very curious to see an echo chamber and tried to imagine what it must look like. Not a day would go by without listening to a record of some kind. I listened to Porgy and Bess so much that no one in my family ever wanted to hear it again.

    One day a friend of the family got one of those mono reel to reel recorders with the neon level indicator. That was the coolest thing I had ever seen and I was mystified about how the machine captured the sound. Little did I know that the groundwork was being laid for my career.

    As with most of the people in this business, I come from a very musical family. A lot of my relatives play something and this made family get togethers a lot of fun. Music was always a diversion, never serious. I never thought that I would ever be making a living working with music.

    As the years passed I learned how to play the guitar and did the local band thing; spending thousands to make hundreds. It was during this time that I purchased the equipment to keep my creative interests alive. I would record people for free just to get my chops together, always experimenting, always learning.

    It was during this time that I realized a few things: first, music helps bring people closer together as they share ideas and passions. Secondly, music helps to heal by releasing emotions that sometimes get locked inside. In other words, music becomes a healthy, creative, therapeutic release for bottled up feelings. Finally, music is an effective communications tool, as it trancends language and is common to all human beings via grand design.

    Over the years (and over a thousand recording sessions later), I have developed my own little philosophy that I go by:

    I will always treat the people that I work with the same way that I would like to be treated.

    I will be sensitive to a musician's needs and try to achieve their artistic vision even if it doesn't always match mine.

    If I do something wrong, I will make it right.

    And above all, I will always listen!


    Jeff Monroe

    My bio is being revised right now but you can download my personal demo by clicking here.