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    Studio A "The Music Room"

    This is the largest of our two studios. It is a 24-track (or more!) room housing the largest array of 24-track formats in the area. Available are:

    Digital Performer 24-bit hard disk recording (no track limit!)
    2-inch Analog with or without Dolby SR (that great analog sound even at half speed!)

    We still maintain many of our legacy formats for transfer of projects into Digital Performer, ProTools, or Logic Studio.

    Mackie SDR 24-bit hard disk recording
    ADAT format digital multitracks with BRC controller;
    Tascam DA-88/38 Hi-8 format digital recording
    Our original 1" analog with dbx.

    The mixing console is a "big28" from Amek, designed by Graham Langley and Rupert Neve.


    1 2ch. Focusrite ISA 215 Mic Preamp & Parametric Equalizer

    • API 3124 4-channel 

    Focusrite TwinTrak Pro Stereo/Dual Mono mic preamp with optical output


    Waves Plugins for Digital Audio Workstation 

    4 UREI LA-4A

    1 UREI 1176LN

    1 2ch Ivory series tube mic preamp/compressor/gate

    2 Behringer Composer (2 ch each)

    1 dbx 162 Stereo unit

    2 dbx 160

    Digital Reverb and Delays:

    2 Lexicon PCM-70s

    2 Ensoniq DP-4 discrete 4-channel, 26 algorithm, multi-processors

    1 Lexicon PCM-41 delay

    2 Lexicon Super PrimeTime delays

    DeltaLab DL-2 Acousticomputer fully loaded

    1 Alesis Quadraverb

    Pitch Manipulation:

    Antares ATR-1 AutoTune

    2 Eventide H-3000S Ultra Harmonizer

    2 Ensoniq DP-4


    Macintosh Dual G5 or Intel Quad Core in Mac OS-X; running Digital Performer 7 w/MOTU hardware (24I/O, 2408Mk III interfaces),

    1 UREI 565 notch filter set


    2 Neumann TLM-170i

    • 2 Cascade Ribbon Mic-"Victor"

    2 Neumann KM-184 condenser

    2 C-414E multipattern condenser

    2 C-1000S

    Beyer:1 M-500,1 M-160 Ribbon,1 M-88, 1 M-260

    Sennheiser: 3 MD-421U, 2 MD-441, 3 604e

    Sony: 2 ECM-33, 2 ECM-65, 1 ECM-30, 1 big diaphragm condenser

    3 Electro-Voice RE-20, 2 CS-15

    Shure 6 SM57s; SM52, SM56, SM81

    Monitoring is done on JBL 4430s, and Genelec 1031 nearfields

    Our tape machines consist of Sony ATR-24 2"; Alesis ADAT XT (16-bit only); Tascam DA-88/38 Hi-8; Tascam MSR-24 1" 24-track with dbx, Otari MX-5050-8 MkIII with dbx 8-track, Panasonic SV-3700 DAT machine, Fostex E-2 2-track w/center track time code, and Otari MX-5050BQII 4-track.

    The studio itself in the Music Room is one of the best in the area. It has a spacious drum/isolation room, live and dead areas, and room to comfortably hold 20 performers or even up to 70 member choirs. It is constructed out of polished hardwoods, rough cedar, and rock; and does not contain any parallel surfaces. Overall, the room is acoustically neutral giving you the most freedom in the recording process.

    Use of a variety of instruments are included in the hourly rate such as keyboards, electric bass, acoustic guitar and a Leslie cabinet.


    The Doghouse

    This is also a 24-track room which can be used for overdubs, sync-to-picture, MIDI/Production work, and CD Mastering.Multitrack formats supported in here are MOTU Digital Performer; Mackie SDR24, and ADATs with BRC
    The mixer in The Doghouse is a Mackie D8B digital 8-bus with snapshot and dynamic moving-fader automation, with 5.1 operating system and maxxed out internal processing giving you one-button total recall of settings. Monitoring is done on Mackie HD-824 monitors. Outboard gear includes:


    Waves Plug ins

    There is a built-in compressor and gate on every input of the Mackie Digital mixer

    Behringer Composer (2 ch)

    Ensoniq DP-4

    Digital Reverb and Delays:

    2 Lexicon LXP-1 with MRC

    Pitch Manipulation:

    Auto Tune Plug ins for Digital Performer

    Ensoniq DP-4


    Kurzweil PS2 keyboard with orchestral expansion block

    Roland D-50

    Proteus 1 tone module

    Roland MKS-70 (Super JX in a box) analog tone module